What is Reputation Management

online reputationWhether you have a business, planning on being a celebrity, or even just applying for a job, it’s very important to maintain a great public reputation, and this is where reputation management services comes in. Reputation management is the controlling and influencing of a business or an individual’s reputation. Without great reputation management, businesses could lose out on a lot of business even to the point of bankruptcy or closing down. Celebrities could lose their star status among fans, and even become blackballed in the industry, and a regular person can have a hard time getting or keeping a job.

When it comes to reputation management, it’s very important to take certain steps to maintain a great reputation, even if the reputation is already great. And it would definitely take even more steps to restore a reputation if the reputation has soared. And with almost everything done online, the maintenance of one’s reputation is called online reputation management (ORM). Other than that, traditional methods are still used sometimes for reputation management on TV, radio, and newspaper/magazines.

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Effective Strategies

Famous or otherwise, everyone can benefit in having reputation management. Even if you are not planning on owning a business, and you already have a career that you love, maintaining a great reputation online is still very vital. There are so many people that have been on the news or broadcasted online that have gotten fired from their cherished jobs due to inappropriate statements on their social media profiles. Therefore, no matter what’s your status or aspiration, maintaining a good online reputation is very vital.

With this said, you can either contact PR firms to assist you in ORM, or you can perform certain techniques yourself which include the following:

Obtain a blog, and regularly post on it– you can own your name by getting your company on Wikipedia, register on various social media outlets, and utilize effective SEO and SMO tactics.

Provide great services/products and great customer service– with satisfied customers, they will spread the word to family and friends, and they in turn would even spread the word to their family and friends, and so forth- like a positive ripple effect.

Obtain referrals/testimonials from past co-workers, former employers, your customers, and agencies– with great referrals and testimonials, customers will have more trust in trying out your business. And if you are applying for a job, the great referrals will encourage the HR to give you a chance in employment.

Become involved with charities and community support– more customers than you realized will be inspired to try out your business when seeing that your business cares in reaching out to the community and for great causes.