Effective Strategies 

Use proactive online conversation

online conversation Doing this will show that you care about your customers. Also, being proactive will enable you to respond early and quickly to negative and positive reviews. This, in turn, will prompt a higher ranking on Yelp.

In addition to the strategies above, the following are other things to include with your reputation management:

• Set up real time searches for product/brand names in social media outlets.
• Monitor conversations.
• Perform internal communication and management.
• Ensure that clients respond to comments- don’t make it canned.
• The problem is probably internal if the problem persists.
• Engaging in online conversations is great.
• Focus thoroughly on the social media usage.
• Use of other really popular social media outlets is very important- this include Vimeo, Instagram and SnapChat

How Celebrities Manage their Online Reputation

We all can take a lesson or two on how celebrities manage their online reputation. For the most part, they will hire a highly proficient PR firm, or perhaps an online marketing firm. There are things that they can do themselves; however, many of them don’t want anything to distract them from their artistic and creative work at least for the most part.

paparazzi Celebrity online image management is closely connected to their online brand management strategy. For example, some celebrities may think it’s important to obtain a few false rumors if their image is spotless. Unfortunately, many would think a celebrity is boring or goody two shoes, and thus, don’t want to follow them. Many of these types would prefer to see some drama, and so, these celebrities will obtain some drama as a publicity stunt to remain relevant. Secondly, there will be some who don’t like or are jealous of a celebrity, and these types would spread lies online about the celebrities. And even though there may not be any proof of such rumors (and perhaps that the rumors are ridiculous), they will still be a significant number of people who wants to be believe those rumors. And as a result, many fans would be no more for that celebrity.

Celebrities must control their brand on a continual basis. If they don’t their reputation can go Hayward. And furthermore, they have to watch over the PR firm to make sure everything is on cue with the reputation management. They would have to keep a certain level of alertness to follow what is said about them, so they can address those rumors once they start.